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Week 6. The Public Awareness Grant project-Hungarian ABA literature

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After developing an English-Hungarian dictionary of ABA Terminology, we started planning our next project within our Association: developing Hungarian ABA literature. We decided to start by developing short, online materials that will be accessible through our Association’s website. We have applied for ABAI’s Public Awareness Grant with the following project, and were thrilled to find out that we are one of this year’s recipients!

Online booklets and materials for professionals

Together with Kis Lépések Alapítvány (Small Steps Foundation), we developed effective, evidence-based training models for both novel and experienced therapists. Within the scope of the project, we are going to publish 3 online booklets for professionals working in and outside the field of ABA. The booklets will be supported by infographics and video materials and will concentrate on early intervention.

Online booklets and materials for the general public

We also aim to disseminate ABA to the general public. We are going to organize 3 online conferences between the summer of 2021 and 2022 about ABA in general, as well as the different application of the science of behavior analysis. The booklets and online materials for the general publis will be made available through our Association’s website following each conference.

We can’t wait to start working on this wonderful and significant project! We will soon be sharing some exciting news about our online conferences! Stay tuned!

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