Week 4. Celebrate with us! The Hungarian Association for Applied Behavior Analysis

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We are delighted to announce that on the 28th January 2021, the Court has officially registered the Hungarian Association for Applied Behavior Analysis (Magyar Alkalmazott Viselkedéselemzés Egyesület, MAVEE, www.mavee.hu).

This is a huge achievement for Hungarian ABA professionals. Through the establishment of the Association, we will not only be able to apply for funding, but we can also start to develop national standards for everyday practice in ABA.

I was lucky enough to be one of the winners of the 2020 International Development Grant from ABAI. The Hungarian Association for Behavior Analysis was developed with the support of this grant.

You can find out more about the steps that have led to the development of the Association through our free CEU course here.

The Association’s mission statement

The mission statement of the organization is as follows:

The goal of the Association is the dissemination of the science of Behavior Analysis in Hungary, which involves organizing trainings and conferences, supporting the accreditation of trainings on both national and international levels, as well as defining professional competences within the field of Applied Behavior Analysis. Furthermore, the Association will represent Hungarian behavior analysist on international platforms.

The first project of our Association

We have already started working on the very first project of the organization: developing a Hungarian ABA terminology. You can read more about our terminology project here.

We look forward to sharing our future projects with you!

Join us in our journey!

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