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Week 3. Hungarian ABA terminology

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Although the Hungarian Association for Applied Behavior Analysis is not officially registered yet, we have already started to work on our first project as an organization.

Why do we need Hungarian ABA terminology?

One of our projects for the near future is to start working on creating Hungarian ABA literature. This will involve publishing in Hungarian peer-reviewed journals, as well as writing and translating books for the general public. We would like to be consistent in the vocabulary we use. On the other hand, we would like to make the materials available for professionals from other fields as well, so they can also familiarize themselves with ABA terms.

Successful collaboration between Hungarian ABA professionalsa real team effort

Our wonderful colleague, Andrea Baumes, BCBA has contacted me via social media after reading my post in one of the international ABA groups about developing Hungarian ABA literature. She lives abroad, so we have not yet had the chance to meet in person. Thanks to her wonderful skills, knowledge, and motivation, we are only 1-2 meetings away from finishing the English–Hungarian ABA glossary. All Hungarian BCBAs -including our two colleagues joining in from abroad- and ABA professionals from Kis Lépések Alapítvány (Small Steps Foundation) participated in the project. Thank you all for your hard work!

Steps involed in developing a Hungarian ABA terminology

Andrea did an amazing job as project manager. She created an excel sheets file that we were all able to see and edit. We used online ABA glossaries as a starting point. First we typed in and translated the words which then each colleague had to accept or comment if they suggested changes. So far we have had two online meetings where we discussed the terms we did not agree on within the excel file. The project will take about a month to finish. We will soon be ready to share the material on the (hopefully soon registered) Association’s website.

Join us in our journey! Let us know which steps you have taken in your country to develop ABA literature!

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