Week 5. Developing ongoing training in our ABA clinic-a new and exciting experience

ABA clinic in Budapest

In our Budapest-based ABA clinic, we are constantly looking into ways of providing quality evidence-based training for our therapists. You can find out more about our initial training in this CEU course. Our experiences during lockdown indicated that including online elements in at least some parts of our training models can be effective. It is […]

Week 3. Hungarian ABA terminology

The Hungarain Association for Applied Behavior Analysis has reached its first project goal: developing a Hungarian ABA terminology.

Diary of a Behavior Analyst

After having worked for more than two years in a daycare setting for children with autism using sensory integration therapy, I will never forget how amazed I was at the progress the very first little boy I worked with as an ABA therapist made within his ABA program. There was absolutely no infrastructure of ABA […]